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Red Lorry Yellow LorryHappy
Talk About The Weather


Múzika Nervosa




Moral HexCorporate
Moral Hex


Virgin PrunesCaucasian Walk
…If I Die, I Die

I looked at my watch and I saw I had no time
Didn’t notice all the clocks on television
Controlled violence on sale in new streets
Don’t delay in boring studios
Whatever happened to Emancipation Act ‘73?
I think it’s lost, yes it’s lost
In a world of satisfaction, no delay!

Like a crazy singer in a band that’s lost the words
Like a crazy singer in a band that’s lost the words
Caucasian walk, Caucasian talk
Because I can’t do nothing, can’t do nothing

Seen is only truth in a shell of lies
Distributed feelings to a race that doesn’t comprehend
I don’t smoke, I just do it for the company
Political problems, sexual frustration won’t end
It’s the type of poison that doesn’t count in life
I think not of the glasses but of the drink

Glitter stardust in dull camp void
Hero are you out there or is it just a shadow
I could give you words if the world gives me vibes
Tell me what’s the position between the man and beast?
Impressions on a mirror for everyone of you to look at
It’s the type of happening in a weird situation
And that’s the reason for doing nothing

Like a crazy singer in a band that’s lost the words

I have no words, no words

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Escarlatina ObsessivaStrain Under Streets


All About EveDon’t Follow Me (March Hare)
D For Desire

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UltraNoirDebris Lifebow
Suffer No Fiction


SubterfugeDarkland Awakening
Darkland Awakening

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